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| January 21, 2016
  • Estimator Hi-Q™
  • No Computers Required (You’ve got to see this one)
  • Widens that gap between you and your competitors
  • Lowest cost – precise, mistake-proof estimates
  • Delivered to the customer in minutes
  • By any trusted member of your staff

Review from your office or home as the sales staff creates the estimate for the customer from any PC, Mac, Tablet or Smart Phone with our…

Amazing Browser Based technology…

The Good Part

  • No expensive up-front investment
  • Low monthly fee includes hosting, cancel any time
  • Try before you buy with your pricing

The Better Part

  • No IT problems or expenses
  • All Updates and backups included

Now the Best Part…

  • Hassle-Free Setup and running with Estimator’s  “RFQ Auto Data Generator”
  • Fully operational in as little as 24 hours with your pricing…

Register now for your complimentary trial on our test site, and to receive your custom site with your pricing on 2 presses of your choice… Go to www.EstimatorHiQ.com and select Trial…in a very short time you will receive your exclusive login and password

Yes it’s that easy…
For a personalized Webinar or Questions Call:
Mark @ 203-682-6436  or
Gary  @ 519-633-8640

Start Estimating Today…

Amazing Browser Based Technology
Printing’s Fastest, Easiest to Learn & Use Software
Phone: 203-682-6436
Web Site: www.EstimatorHiq.com
E-Mail: Sales@EstimatorHiQ.com

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