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| September 8, 2016

Cutting Services

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  • Specialty Services (Slitting)
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  • Specialty Printed Tapes

More than just a distributor of adhesive tape products, Carolina Tape and Supply Corporation offers a wide variety of Specialty Tape Services. From die-cuts, to printed tapes, to special services, we have a lot to offer your company.

Die Cut Tapes

Carolina Tape & Supply Co. offers many choices in die cut tapes. To create die cut tapes, we use a fabricating process to cut any shape or geometric pattern, design, square, rectangle, circle, etc. through the use of steel rule tape dies, rotary or circle tape dies, thermal and clicker tape dies, as well as machined compound and progressive die tooling.

Specialty Die Cut Tapes

Transportation – Die cut tapes can be used in: locking for sound damping and vibration control – foams for wire harness attachment – adhesive transfer tapes for carpet attachment – adhesive transfer tapes for rear view mirror attachment – dual lock for attaching door panels – papers and films for protecting during assembly processes – papers and firms for protecting during painting and shipping – adhesive backed abrasives for sanding and finishing

Electronic – Die cut tapes are ideal for: adhesive backed felt and urethane roll stock to prevent scratching – foil and copper tapes for EMI/RFI shielding – foams for LED window attachment – high temperature resistant films to protect labels during wave solder processes – adhesive backed foams for gasketing and bonding electronic components

Medical – Die cut tapes play an essential role in: films used for assembly of drug evidence test kits – fragile tapes used for sealing drug evidence test kits – adhesive transfer tapes for mounting specimens for use with Electron Microscopy – double-coated tapes for holding components of medical packages

Appliance – Die cut tapes are used extensively in: adhesive backed foam and cork for gasketing – foils for insulating components – double-coated foam for mounting components such as door handles – removable films to resist scratching during assembly and shipping – tapes for holding components during shipping – single-coated urethane foams act as feet to resist sliding and scratching

Furniture – Many furniture manufacturers rely on die cut tapes for: Adhesive backed wood veneer for refinishing cabinets and building furniture – dual lock for holding office partition parts in place – double coated foams for attaching arm chair cushions – single-coated foams for attaching to cabinet doors for cushioning and sound damping – single-coated felts and cork for attaching to legs to resist scratching floors

General Industrial – There are an endless number of possibilities for die cut tapes in the industrial marketplace, such as: precision slit tapes used by printers to mask charts during design – adhesive transfer tapes used for various mounting applications replacing tacks and nails – reflective vinyls used on clothing and hard hats for safety purposes – tapes used for resealable closures on food packaging – double-coated tapes used for sealing film wrapped cigarette packages – tapes used for sealing boxes for shipping – reflective film used for various point of purchase displays


A Die-cutting process where the die strike depth is controlled down to the release liner, but not through it. For example, pressure sensitive labels in roll form. The usable product is left on the rolls and the matrix (waste) is removed.


A Die-cutting process where a kiss-cutt is performed, but no matrix (waste) is created. The parts are directly next to each other.

Tape Slitting and Other Special Services

Specialty Slitting: Over 20 years of experience in lathe (normal), score and razor slitting tapes, adhesives, papers, films, foils, foams, etc.

Rewinding: The method is for producing multiple cuts per cycle. This has a longer set-up time than baloney slitting. The process actually rewinds the material layer by layer across a set of pre-spaced knives and spacers, onto a rewind shaft that is set with pre-slit cores and spacers, with each individual slit roll wound on individual tension-controlled cores.

Scoring: Creasing or bending line that assists subsequent usage.

Baloney Slitting: The common method of slitting pressure sensitive tapes, producing rolls per step or per cycle. Also referred to as lathe slitting, lever or single-knife cutting. This process features quick-setup and economical per-slit cost.

Traverse Wound: Also referred to as level winding, spool wound and reel wound.

Pancake Wound: The typical form of a roll of tape where each layer is directly on top of the next one. Also referred to as planetary wound.

Self Wound or Single Wound: Often used in reference to pressure sensitive tape when comparing them to linered tapes. Each subsequent layer has the exposed adhesive in direct contact with the backing of the previous layer.

Perforating: Produces a series of cuts or holes that allows pieces to be continuous yet separate with ease along perforation.

carolina-tape-printed_tapesSpecialty Printed Tapes

  • Printed Tapes Sizes: Standard mil thicknesses available: 1.8, 2.1, 2.6, 3.0 mil
  • Available to print sizes 1/4″ to 6″ x up to 1000 yds
  • Printed Tapes Available Colors

We print 1 to 3 colors:

  • Standard ink colors: red, black, blue and green. Special ink matches add 10% for over 10 cases, 15% for under 10 cases
  • Color of tape backing other than tan, white or clear (red, orange, yellow, green, light blue and dark blue), add 30% – fluorescent orange, add 55%
  • Normal artwork and plate charge averages $70.00 per ink color
  • For each additional ink color, add 15%
  • Orders under 10 cases, add 10%

Printed Tapes and Other Materials:

  • Printing can be done on films, paper, cloth, foil and other pressure sensitive products

We reserve the right to ship up to 10% over or under ordered quantity

Request quote or detailed specs, and find out what Carolina Tape and Supply can do for you!


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