Increasing Winder Capacity at a Fraction of the cost of New

| February 6, 2014

A&F LLC just completed upgrading two winders for Roosevelt Paper. We have noticed a trend in large converters that they are in need of more rewind capacity on existing winders. A&F increased the rewind diameter from 60” to 72” Roosevelt sent the frames to A&F for the modifications and they turned them around in a couple of days. Roosevelt’s winder was up and running within a week. This lets converters sell larger diameter rolls to their customers and increase their profit margins also opens the door to more markets. A&F has done numerous upgrades/ modernizations on winders not including their own machines such as Jagenburgs, Beloit’s, Valmets etc. Dependant on the type of machine, A&F engineers and manufactures the parts needed prior to winder being shut down for upgrading. This effort seamlessly reduces the shutdown time therefore minimizes the customers down time and profits.

A&F is a manufacture of new heavy-duty winder and unwinds along with a host of other equipment. Please visit their website for contact information.

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